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Tri-Lakes Humane Society is your shelter!

We take great pride in being a community organization and our programs and services are a reflection of the vital role we play in our area. At Tri-Lakes Humane Society, we know that we can’t serve animals without supporting the people who love them. So, the human-animal bond is central to our work. In partnering with us, not only will you be helping the animals in our community and the people who love and care for them, you’ll be reaching a large audience of our engaged supporters. More and more, consumers are motivated to spend when they feel their spending supports a cause they care about. Partnering with Tri-Lakes Humane Society gives your business positive exposure to people who you might not otherwise reach.

For more information, please see our attached TLHS PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.pdf

Click here to become a sponsor, TLHS Sponsorship Form .pdf