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Listings of Missing Pets

LOST CAT- NOVA 1.2.2022

NOVA is missing from Saranac Lake and his dad desperately wants him back. They were both staying in Saranac Lake in the Franklin Ave area until their housing situation abruptly changed. Supposedly and without his dad's knowledge, NOVA was taken to a shelter/rescue/pound, but all attempts to locate NOVA by his dad have led nowhere. NOVA is a 3 year old, large, neutered, male black cat with large green eyes. He has only ever been an indoor cat, so he would be at a complete loss as to how to survive outside, especially in this frigid weather. NOVA is skittish and it is believed he would not venture far. If you have any information on NOVA or a cat matching his description, please call 401-443-7385. His dad is desperate to have him back and safe in his arms again.

Lost Dog- KIBE 12.24.21

KIBE went missing on Christmas Eve in the afternoon from Blue Sky in Schroon Lake off East Shore Drive. KIBE is a 6 year old, neutered male, chocolate lab mix. He has a little bit of white on his face. KIBE was last seen wearing a red collar that has his family's phone number on it and his rabies tags. His family just wants him back! If you have any information, please call his family at 617-710-5891.

Lost Dog- KODA 12.14.2021

KODA went missing from Newcomb on 12/24/2021 around 2PM. Her family is desperate to find her and have her safe at home where she belongs. They are offering a REWARD of $1,000. It is possible that she is far from home, so please keep your eyes peeled. KODA is an 11 month old female Rottweiler, roughly 75 pounds, up to date on vaccines, very friendly, microchipped, and does not have a docked tail. Please call her family at 518-573-8008 with any information. Her family is worried sick.

Lost Dog- SAMSON 10/15/21

SAMSON (dog on left, pictured with his sister) went missing from his yard on Fletcher Farm Road in Bloomingdale on October 15th. He was not wearing ID tags, but he was wearing a property collar and is microchipped. Unfortunately, his property collar was found a few days after his disappearance. His family is devastated without him. Samson has seizures and should not be without his medication. All his family wants is to have him back home; they are not interested in anything other than his safe return. If you have SAMSON, can report a sighting, or have any helpful information, please call his family at 518-637-8049 or call the shelter at 518-891-0017. 

LOST CAT- NALA 10.24.21

10/27/21 UPDATE: Nala is back home with her family!

Nala went missing from her home on Hobart Road in Gabriels on Sunday morning (10/24). She is spayed, microchipped, and loved by her family. They are desperate to get their pretty girl back home. If you've seen her or have any information, please call them at 518-524-3652 or 315-344-7340.

LOST CAT- THE BOY 10.22.21

THE BOY aka DOOBIE has been missing from his home on Lindsay Ave. in Tupper Lake since 10.8.21. He only recently moved to the area, so he isn't familiar with his surroundings, yet. THE BOY is up to date on his rabies vaccine. If you have any information or sightings to report, please contact his owners at 518-419-5449 or 518-637-8693.


Stevie is missing from her home on First Street in Tupper Lake. She has distinctive marking and seven toes on her front paws. Her family is offering a $200 reward for her safe return. If you have any information, please call them at 518-304-3885.


Mittens went missing from her home on Forest Home Road/County Route 18 (Saranac Lake end). She is spayed and microchipped. If you have any information, please call the shelter at 518-891-0017.

Lost Cat TEDDY 5.2.2021

Teddy managed to slip outside Sunday morning (5/2/21) and was last seen Sunday afternoon in the woods in Rainbow Lake on County Route 60 near Vosberg Rd. and Hull Rd (on the other side of the road). Teddy is an indoor cat, so he is not used to being outside. He is grey with white markings (a grey tuxedo), is microchipped, and neutered. He can be a little shy, but he loves to play. He is used to living with other cats, so he might be attracted to a place that has cats.

Teddy's mom has put up flyers, searching everywhere, and neighbors have been looking too. She has set up a live trap and has a recording of her other cat playing from speakers. Teddy is deeply missed! 

If you have any info, please call Teddy's mom at 518-354-5106.

Lost Cat DUBZ 4.28.21

DUBZ, also known as DUBBY, went missing on Wednesday night (4/28/21) from his home in Lake Clear near Charlie's Inn. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but is never out during the night . . . he managed to sneak out. DUBBY is just under 3 years old, neutered, grey with a little bit of white on his face, and got a lion's cut 3 weeks ago at the vet's office, so he is pretty distinctive! His fur will appear short on his body with a fluffy mane around his head and a fluffy tail. DUBBY is very friendly and it is likely he would approach strangers. If you have seen him or have any information, please call his mom at 518-637-2455.

Lost Cat - TAMALE - Missing since November 2020

Tamale was last seen on Mace Chasm road in Keeseville. She is about 3 years old, but she’s a fairly small cat, so might be mistaken as younger. She is a calico with tabby markings. Tamale went missing shortly before her appointment to get spayed, so she may be pregnant or could have had kittens. Tamale was a strictly indoor cat, so this is her first time being outside. There have been recent possible sightings of Tamale, so her mom is keeping hope alive that she'll see her again. If you have any information or think you might have seen Tamale, please call 518-593-6196. 

Lost Cat - KIMCHI -5/12/2021

KIMCHI went missing on Wednesday (5/12/21) from her home in Gabriels. KIMCHI is spayed and microchipped. She also responds to "ChiChi." KIMCHI has always been a bit of an escape artist, always looking for a chance to sneak out. She usually gets tired of being outside, though, and will come to the door and meow to be carried back inside. KIMCHI doesn't like being held outside, but she is very friendly. If you have seen her or have any information, please call her family at 518-637-8894

Lost Cat - KITTY - 5/21/2021

KITTY is missing from her home in Lake clear (rt 30 near Conley rd) where she normally goes outdoors, but did not return on 5/21/2021. She is a dilute/smokey calico (gray white and orange) 9 year old, spayed female. Green eyes with orange markings in right eye. Very friendly and vocal, but can be timid timid. Please call 518-637-2366 if you see this cat.

Lost Cat - LUNA - June 2021

Luna is a long haired Brown Tabby missing from his home in Redford, NY (Town of Saranac). He is an adult neutered male and used to being an indoor/outdoor cat, but he did not return home in early June 2021. If you see him please call 518-293-7142.