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Tri-Lakes Humane Society Admission Policy

Our shelter staff try to make every effort to maintain an "Open Door" policy to help protect the safety of the animals in our community. Animals from outside our community will be referred to an appropriate animal shelter, rescue groups or Animal Control Officer in their area, and offered placement assistance through our shelter. 

Animals from outside of our area may be considered for admission on a case by case basis by our Shelter Manager. Any animal that has been previously adopted from our shelter will always be re-admitted to the shelter regardless of where the current owner lives.

All stray/abandoned animals will be admitted immediately free of charge. Finders will be asked to fill out a Stray Animal Admission upon arrival. These animals will be held for a minimum of five days (per NYS articles 7 and 26) prior to being evaluated and placed up for adoption or euthanized (only if they are overly aggressive towards humans, or severely injured and beyond veterinary help.)

Owners having animals they wish to surrender will be carefully questioned by shelter staff regarding their situation. If a staff member feels that the situation is completely urgent, or feels that there is risk of harm to the animal(s), the animal will be admitted immediately. If the situation is less urgent and the owner is amenable, the staff member will defer the admission until:

  • an agreed upon future date
  • there is kennel space available
  • the owner circumstances become more urgent

Staff members will also offer the following placement assistance services to owners in lieu of admission to the shelter whenever appropriate to the situation:

  • listing of the animal(s) on
  • listing of animal(s) in our shelter placement book and bulletin board
  • listing of animal(s) with other area animal shelters and/or rescue groups
  • listing of animal(s) with all newspapers (numbers found in yellowpages)

No fees will be charged to those bringing in stray/abandoned or owned animals to the shelter. Depending on the situation, those bringing animals in may be asked to give a donation. Donations are always appreciated and put to good use for the animal's overall care and medical needs.

The shelter has no facilities for housing livestock, wildlife or exotic pets, and limited resources for assisting them. Situations involving these types of animals are to be referred to our Shelter Manager for evaluation.

Our shelter has no facilities to house wildlife, and people who find distressed wildlife will be referred to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, or to the Department of Environmental Conservation Office in Raybrook, NY. Emergency situations will be referred to the Shelter Manager for evaluation.

We offer loans of our cat and dog traps to catch strays, but we cannot loan them out to catch wildlife. Feral cats will be spayed and neutered, vaccinated and tattooed. The Shelter Manager will be responsible for assessing a feral cat's adoptability. If the cat proves to be unadoptable due to behavior issues (most completely feral cats cannot be handled safely), then we will release the cat back to the environment it lived in prior to capture. If a feral cat makes behavioral improvements while housed at our shelter, the cat will be placed up for adoption. An agreement form will be filed with people looking to catch feral cats on their property. We will not loan out traps if the agreement is not signed by both parties involved.