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Donate your time and energy by becoming a TLHS Volunteer and come spend quality time with our shelter animals.

We are always looking for volunteers to come to our Humane Society. If you have spare time, either on a regular or occasional basis, we can use your help! The animals love having visitors, and enjoy having the extra attention they receive from volunteers. We also accept help around the shelter with feeding, cleaning kennels and organizing.

If you are a dog person, we welcome people to come and walk the dogs on our dog trail that winds through the woods on our property. Dogs can also be taken out into our two outdoor play yards to play ball and run around. We also look for people to help us with basic training.

If cats are more your style, then you can spend time with our feline friends and you can please them by offering them treats, grooming and affection.

For more information on volunteering, and the different ways you can help us, please contact our office at (518) 891-0017 or send us an email at