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About Us

Saving Little Lives

Tri-Lakes Humane Society has been saving little lives in the Adirondacks since 1942. We are a no-kill shelter. Our mission is to advocate for the humane treatment of animals and provide care and shelter for the animals who need us most. Many of these animals have been abandoned, found as strays, or are otherwise homeless and unwanted. We work to match animals with loving homes, reunite lost pets with their owners, and educate the public about humane animal care, animal laws, and spaying/neutering pets to reduce overpopulation.

We cover a large geographic area in the Adirondacks, including four counties: Franklin, Essex, Clinton, and Hamilton. Under contract with local towns & villages, we provide shelter & dog control services for communities in our area.


Tri-Lakes Humane Society Board of Directors

President: Lea Bedore 

Vice President: Melinda Little

Treasurer: Kim Charland

Secretary: Dylan VanCott

Members: Jean Baltzy, Sarah Granquist, Dave Seigrist, Gail Ruppert, Amanda Johnson, Elisa McIntosh, Ruth Schmidt, and Kasey Currier.


Tri-Lakes Humane Society Staff

Shelter Manager & DCO: Lena M Bombard

Kennel Attendants: Kendal Gallo, Brooke Gallo, Caitlin Will, and Joyce Barber.



Cat Intake: 159                          Dog Intake: 39

Cat Adoption: 135                     Dog Adoption: 19

Cat Return to Owner: 13          Dog Return to Owner: 22

Cat Return in Field: 0*              Dog Return in Field: 25*

Cat Transfer Out: 2                     Dog Transfer Out: 0

Cat Euthanasia: 2                      Dog Euthanasia: 0

Cat Died in Care: 4                   Dog Died in Care: 0

Cat Live Outcome: 150            Dog Live Outcome: 41

*Return in Field numbers are not reflected in intake or outcome numbers, as they never entered or exited the shelter. These animals were found in the field and reunited with their families without having to enter the shelter.



14 dogs and 133 cats were spayed/neutered while in our care.

111 spay/neuter vouchers were issued to low-income pet owners.

19 cats were spayed/neutered at our clinic in partnership with FARVets.



96.95% (Live Outcomes divided by Total Outcomes)

Live Outcomes: 191

Other Outcomes: 6

Total Outcomes: 197